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Go from idea to finished script in just 14-days! You'll wonder why you haven't been writing this way all along...
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“Writing a screenplay is like building a puzzle. Each piece must fit perfectly to create a cohesive and compelling story.”

source: Quentin Tarantino

it ain't easy

Writing a Script can be Extremely Daunting

Writer's Block isn't infamous because it doesn't happen to anyone. It's extremely common, and, without a proper strategy, it can derail a script indefinitely.

mining for ideas

Discover How to Mold Concepts into Ideas

Many people start writing their scripts once they have a tiny glimmer of a concept, but this can lead to many hours wasted tearing your hair out. Instead, learn how to develop a concept into a winning idea that is sure to have legs.

no fluff

Simple, Actionable Plan to Put You on the Right Track.

No more notebooks of untouched ideas. No more daydreaming about writing. It's time to get started...

14-Day Feature

Go Beyond Theory And Learn The Practical Methods

"How do people seem to write new scripts all the time, when you can't even get ONE of your ideas on the page..."

Write Your Script In Just 14-Days!

(Even If You Don't Have An Idea Yet)

No more notebooks of untouched ideas. No more walls of sticky notes and daydreaming about writing. It's time to get started...

Does this sound familiar?

Day after day you go online and watch trailers for movies that you WISH you had written...

Or, even worse, one day you see a trailer for a big new release and realize the movie is an idea that YOU'VE ALREADY HAD but never got around to writing...

It's a common complaint amongst filmmakers.

You see, ideas are floating around in the ether waiting to be snatched up. And what you may think is a completely original idea, probably stemmed from some experience, article, or story that many others have also experienced.

It's an age-old saying:

"There's no such thing as a new idea."

~ Mark Twain

Yes, Mark Twain said that!

But how can you end this Groundhog Day cycle of your recurring fate?

How can you break out of your own patterns and start writing FAST so this never happens again?

If there's no such thing as a new idea, it's just a matter of time before your "golden idea" that's going to be the next Sundance winner or billion-dollar blockbuster is thought up by someone else and turned into a movie.

But there IS a better way...

Framework Fatigue

There's no shortage of screenwriting frameworks out there.

3-Act Structure, 5-Act Structure, Save the Cat, Sequencing, Hero's Journey, 8-Sequence Structure, etc...

There are literally hundreds of screenwriting books out there that teach you all sorts of approaches to the same problem - writing a screenplay.

The unfortunate truth is, they can be very complicated, difficult to learn, or overly formulaic, thus taking away from the creative process.

You need something that seems natural...

...Something that comes to you easily and doesn't require you to be constantly flipping through a big textbook while you are trying to be creative.

You need a system that utilizes these proven frameworks that have helped to produce thousands of hit movies for dozens of years...

...But simplifies them into a process that becomes second nature almost instantly.

"I Just Wish I Could Hit The Easy Button And My Scripts Would Write Themselves..."

We would all love a "magic button" that would turn our ideas into mind-melting scripts that cause investors to leak money.

Unfortunately, no such button exists...

And no, AI won't write Oscar-winning scripts for you. (We've tried...)

But, this is the closest we've come, and we've tested out a lot of so-called "hacks"...

Which Of These Productivity Hacks Have You Tried?

We all want to be better.

That's why I bought a $35 specially formatted productivity journal with a $69 leather cover to organize my days... (super necessary to journal in style 🤦)

I can safely say that while journaling, for me, is enjoyable, it does very little to get me to actually write more.

And that's not all...

I also bought the $90 writing decks and other creative writing tools meant to get people to become more efficient writers.

None of it worked!

Big surprise, right?

"At the end of the day, it's not a writing problem..."

It's a habit problem.

You've spent the past however many years solidifying habits that may be great for other things but are terrible for writing.

It literally takes a kick in the pants to knock you out of these comfortable habits that fill our lives...

Parkinson's Law

There's actually a name for one of the big bad habits that writer's face...

Parkinson's Law...

"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion..."

In other words, if you have an unlimited amount of time to write a script, you'll take an unlimited amount of time...

But, if you only have 14 days to write a script, you will write a script in 14 days...

Yes, it's that simple!

And we all know this is true.

Think about those last-minute book reports you turned in that turned out better than the ones you spent weeks toiling over.

Or that wedding speech you wrote in your head as you were waiting for the mic to be passed to you.

Time is the problem, but not because you have too little...

Quite the opposite.

Time is the problem because you have TOO MUCH of it...

That's why we created...

The 14-Day Feature Program

For the first time, we are opening up the methods and the tools that we use to streamline our scriptwriting process.

And once you get this down, you can shorten the duration even further!

If you listen to our podcast, you've probably heard us talking about our writing retreats where we venture off to a cabin in the mountains for a weekend to hammer out a script.

That's usually just 2-3 days of writing and we come home with our first draft!

We are handing over everything you need to have that kind of efficiency in your writing.

And it's not that complicated...

In fact, we GUARANTEE that if you follow our steps all the way through the end of the 14 days, you'll come out the other side with a finished script.

Imagine Being Able To Quickly And Easily Turn All Of Your Ideas Into Sellable Scripts...

What if you could tell an investor or an executive about one of your ideas and be able to present them with a finished script just a few short weeks later...

For some of us, it sounds a little far fetched! After all, a script written in just 14-days can't be good right?

Well, that's the absolute beauty of this concept...

Yes, the goal during the first few writing sessions is to wind up with what we call a C.F.D. (aka the "Crappy First Draft")

We want to get the idea out on paper so that we can fine-tune it in the rewrites.

But, when you write this way, something amazing starts to happen...

Eventually, those first drafts start to GET BETTER!

Your first drafts start to read like your second or third drafts.

And your rewriting process speeds up, too!

Since you will have lifetime access to the 14-Day Feature challenge, you can revisit it over and over again for all of your future scripts.

Here's What We Have Inside

Once inside, you'll gain access to a private area with your Modules and Lessons.

The modules will update every day for 14-days, giving necessary information and outlining your action steps for that day while the community provides an area to connect with other members, ask questions, or post about your big wins.

This is also where you'll find all of the downloads, videos, and resources.

The Schedule

Each day includes a "mission" for that day. These are specific action items, which, if completed will lead you to the finish line of having a finished script by Day 14.

The amount of time each action item requires varies, but you can expect to spend between 1 - 3 hours per day working on this.

Days 1 & 2

Days 1 and 2 are about ideation... Coming up with the perfect idea to write and preparing your idea for the next phase.

Days 6 - 13

This is the meat and potatoes, where your primary writing will happen. Don't worry, we walk you through every step, each day!

Days 2 - 5

Days 2 - 5 are about creating your outline and adding in details that will make the writing process much easier.

Day 14

Day 14 is about polishing your brain dump into a first draft that you are happy to send off to friends, family, or managers to read for notes.

Your new instructors have worked with some big players.

What People Are Saying

Message From the Instructor

"I Wish I Had Known This From The Beginning."

My writing partner and I have been compiling great movie ideas for decades at this point, but it wasn't until recently that we started working overtime to get our ideas on paper.

With over 40 ideas (all of which we really love) in our idea bank, we knew we couldn't take 6-months to a year to write each one.

We started making more and more connections in the industry, getting meetings with huge studios and Oscar-winning companies who wanted to read our scripts.

So I developed our own system to streamline the writing process, and it worked so well, I just had to share it!

I've been doing this for years in one form or another and have pitched out scripts to some of the biggest companies in Hollywood.

But, I wanted to make sure that I really nailed-down the system for you...

So I completed my own 14-Day Feature script!

I was caring for my wife who was about to go into labor any day...

I was STILL able to successfully go through the challenge and end up with a finished script after just 2 weeks!

I tackled a small, contained indie horror film that I've been wanting to write because I think it'll be a great project to shoot for a limited budget.

But, you can use our system to write any type of script, in any genre, at any budget level!

This is not just for single-location, real-time movies.

Your ideas can be expansive, in-depth, detailed, nuanced, and complex...

But that doesn't mean your writing process has to be daunting, slow, and complicated...

Who Is This For?

This Program is for Anyone Interested in Implementing an Effective Writing Process

Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for a different approach to time management or a brand new writer looking to get your first script on the page - this program is aimed to help people of all skill levels.

This Program is Perfect For:

Film Students
Professional Writers
Indie Filmmakers
Development Executives
Aspiring Writers

Enroll now and gain free access to these exclusive bonuses, not available anywhere else.

Story Cards System

Utilize our proven system for organizing your thoughts and creating a perfect framework for your story.

100+ Writing Prompts

Don't get derailed simply because you can't think of something to write. Utilize our 100+ proven writing prompts to get the juices flowing.

Example Breakdown

I break down the popular horror film The Ring to demonstrate the principles and theories behind what I'm teaching in a practical way with a movie you've likely seen or heard of.

How the Program Works

01. Join

Join the program by clicking the button below.

06. Finish Your Script

Complete the program and share your first draft with the world!

05. Writing Sessions

Stay accountable, track your goals, and test your skills by writing along with fellow participants.

02. Drip Fed Daily Training

Each day for 14 days you will receive updates and new training videos to complete.

03. Action Items

Daily action items turn complex thoughts and concepts into simple steps that anyone can complete.

04. Practical Assignments

Our assignments are meant to be practical and informative in order to demonstrate principles of each lesson.

Unleash the freedom of a training schedule that bends and twists to fit even your busiest days - it’s practically doing yoga!

2 Hours Per Day on Average

We get it. You are busy! Sometimes life just gets in the way. That's why we've created this program to be suitable for people in all walks of life. Complete it at your own pace.

meet your instructor

Meet the Creator

of Filmmaking Central

Alex Darke is an Emmy Award-winning and Clio Award shortlisted filmmaker, member of the Producer's Guild of America and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He is the founder of Momentous - a creative production company devoted to creating scroll-stopping campaigns for the worlds largest brands and compelling films for a global audience.

Alex has been a film distribution and international sales executive, has produced multiple award-winning feature films, and written several feature length scripts using his 14-day feature framework.

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Here's what you get with the 14-Day Feature Program:

The Complete 14-Day Feature Program: You are guided through a series lessons that give you the skills, mindset, support, and proven strategies for completing a feature-length screenplay in just 14 days.
Daily Action Items: Follow the daily action items laid out within the program to break the writing process down into digestible chunks that will leave you wondering why you haven't been doing it this way all along!
Write-With-Me Sessions: Writing doesn't have to be done in a vacuum. You aren't alone on this journey! So stay accountable and join your fellow writers during live write-with-me sessions sessions.
BONUS Story Cards System: Use our online Story Cards framework to flesh out your ideas into full narrative outlines that are ready to write.
BONUS 100+ Writing Prompts: Don't let writer's block get the best of you. Utilize our 100+ writing prompts to get you back on track.
BONUS Example Breakdown: Sometimes seeing is believing. It doesn't seem real until you've seen it done with something you are familiar with. Alex uses the techniques within this program to break down the movie The Ring.
BONUS You Will Be Part Of The Filmmaking Central Community: Connect with a global network of likeminded filmmakers, build friendships, collaborations, and a support system that you can't find anywhere else.
An Unconditional 5-Day Money Back Guarantee: Test drive the course for 5-days. If you aren't completely satisfied, request your money back - no questions asked.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is Filmmaking Central?

We are the ground-breaking film academy that is reshaping the educational landscape for aspiring filmmakers.

Our secret? Offering an unparalleled, cutting-edge filmmaking program that stands out from conventional institutions. Our curriculum demands only 30 minutes per day on average, emphasizing experiential learning through hands-on lessons tailored to give you practical knowledge and skills. Our dedication to delivering 100% up-to-date content guarantees that you remain in tune with current trends and advancements in the ever-evolving film industry.

What sets us apart is our extensive network of accomplished filmmakers and influential industry professionals who impart their priceless wisdom, perspectives, and experiences to our students. This exclusive access to successful veterans of the film world enables you to learn straight from those who have made a significant impact on the cinematic stage.

To discover more about our mission, core values, and the visionaries driving this remarkable disruption in film education, we encourage you to visit our About Us page. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity as we redefine the film school experience for passionate storytellers like yourself.

What is the time commitment for the program?

The entire program lasts for 14-days, with new course materials made available every day in a drip-fed format. This allows us to program the course into digestible chunks that only require about 1-3 hours of dedication per day.

Are there mandatory assignments?

Look, we aren't here to tell you how to live your life. The program is designed in such a way that you get out of it what you put in. You aren't required to complete the assignments or action items or be active within the community.

That being said - if you really want to succeed and get the most out of this investment, we highly recommend that you complete all of the assignments and remain active in the community by posting questions, sharing your work, receiving feedback, and participating in the accountability sessions.

Do I need any special equipment for the program?

The main equipment that you'll need is a computer. This is how you'll access the course materials and view the lesson videos. This is also where you'll have access to the community and the live classes.

You can complete all of the assignments with post-it notes and a pad of paper. However, if you have access to a computer with screenwriting software, it'll make your life a lot easier.

I want to reiterate - no special equipment is required to complete the program.

What if I don't finish the program?

You will have access to the community and course materials for life. So, if you decide you can't complete the course in the 14-days we've laid out, don't worry! You can complete the program on your own time.

Does Filmmaking Central have an official accreditation?

No, Filmmaking Central is not accredited or endorsed by any university, however the curriculum and course materials have been crafted by award-winning filmmakers who have graduated from the top film school in the United States. The program has been developed to offer a similar university-level foundation to the craft of screenwriting.

Can I really write a script in 14 days?

Absolutely! We've had numerous success stories from people who have completed the program and come out the other end with a fully formed, complete first draft of the script they've been wanting to write for YEARS.

Do I need previous screenwriting knowledge?

No, this program is meant to be comprehensive and complete. It covers the topics from beginning-to-end, meaning anyone at any level can benefit from them.

Filmmaking Central is a cutting-edge e-learning company dedicated to empowering aspiring filmmakers and content creators worldwide. With a robust library of comprehensive courses, expert-led workshops, and interactive learning materials, Filmmaking Central provides students with unparalleled access to industry professionals and innovative tools. By fostering an online community of passionate learners and storytellers, the platform aims to inspire creativity, develop essential skills, and ultimately cultivate the next generation of visionary filmmakers.


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