The Best Horror Movies to Stream Right Now

Tl;dr - I’m creating this list for the best horror movies (that you may not have heard of) that you can stream, right now!
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An Ever-Updating List

It’s easier than ever to find great movies to watch and get them instantly zapped to your TV, computer, or mobile device.

With so many options, many of us movie-watchers have found ourselves in endless loops of scrolling through recommendations on Netflix, Amazon, HULU and every other platform out there, with no guidance and no direction.

That is why I’m creating this list for the best horror movies (that you may not have heard of) that you can stream, right now!


In the Tall Grass

Based on the novel by famed horror legend Stephen King and Joe Hill, In the Tall Grass was often seen as the “un-filmable” because of it’s mind-bending nature and maze-like structure. But director Vincenzo Natali does a great job letting the characters get lost in the tall grass without leaving the audience there too.

The Ritual

The Ritual is one of those rare gems that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Director David Bruckner, known for V/H/S and The Signal creates a new terrifying version of the “vacation gone bad” premise mixed with stunningly creepy visuals and strong performances throughout.

Amazon Prime


If you missed Hereditary in theaters, don’t fret, it’s just as terrifying at home (if not more so). This elevated horror by festival genre-darling Ari Aster will give you a deep sense of dread throughout, with his incredible use of sound, imagery, and his mastery of suspense.

The Witch

Amazon seems to be pulling in all of the festival-favorite horrors, since The Witch also took the Sundance Film Festival by storm in 2015. This minimalist period-horror ventures into a dark and disturbing, realistic look at colonial folklore and makes me glad the only witches I’ve run into are dressed as Bette Midler for Halloween.


A Quiet Place

From our favorite lovable office doofus comes our favorite original scary movie of the decade (maybe, I dunno). But everyone seemed to love A Quiet Place, written by, directed, and starring John Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt. This movie had even the rowdiest theaters quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

Little Monsters

If you aren’t completely sick of the zombie sub-genre of horror yet, then check out Little Monsters. The film stars Lupita Nyongo’o from Us fame and everyone’s favorite snowman, Josh Gad. This falls closer to Shawn of the Dead territory as a hilarious horror-comedy, but doesn’t fail to bring the goods. And by goods I mean scares and gore, of course.

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